Covault Keynote - Bitcoin ATM

 Open New Possibilities in Payment landscape

Oct 30, 2018

Visit World Crypto Con 2018 and experience latest innovations in Cryptocurrency to test Live Terminals at COVAULT Booth 311 with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash on single Platform.

There’s a great deal of excitement around the Bitcoin business. Bitcoin ATMs provide a really great opportunity to create for itself the sources of almost passive additional earnings with an ATM business. But despite all the hype around Bitcoin ATMs and tremendous growth of cryptocurrency rates and profitability of the ATM machine business you must remember certain key principles of the successful bitcoin terminals business. We will share what those principles are.

We offer 4 different models of BTM as defined below:

1. Model S Top of Line (2 Way) for new price 7499 $ Old Price: 8299 $
2. Model E Sleek and Compact (2 Way) for new price 6799 $ Old Price: 7999$
3. Model Y Ultra Modern BTM with Recycler (2 Way) for new price 6999 $ Old Price: 7499$
4. Model X Simply Sweet (1 Way) for new price 4999 $ Old Price: 6299$

You can order any terminal in our online store here. The best selling model is 2 Way "Terminal-Model E" and has the following characteristics:
1. Bill acceptor: IMEI (1500 bills capacity)
2. Fujitsu bill dispenser F-53
3. S&G series vault lock
4. 17" touch screen monitor
5. Free Domestic Shipping and One year warranty.

We offer volume discount on 20+ orders 

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