How to start an atm business?

Everyone who is thinking about the additional income or his/her own business should consider the idea of the starting an ATM business.

Jun 04, 2018

Let’s explore why the starting an ATM business is really worth it.

  1. Not time-consuming. You don’t need much time in order to run the ATM business. There is one of the most important parts of the ATM business, that is loading the ATM machine up with cash. But generally it takes literally 1.5 minutes to do that. Therefore, when you are elaborating on how to start an ATM business in the conditions, where you are limited in time resources, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, this business is low time commitment. You will definitely find the solution how to fit the ATM business into your life, no matter how busy you are.

  2. Ease of entry into business. Anyone can invest or operate an ATM. Retailers, commercial landlords, entrepreneurs and anyone who knows how to count money and make profit. The only restrictions are having a felony criminal record or involving in any type of financial crime.

  3. Minimal investments in terms of relatively low risks. How to start your own ATM business and don’t bother about loss of capital? You will be surprised, but with the ATM business that risk is minimized since the biggest investments are the ATM terminals, which are an asset that can always be sold or moved to another location. Another risk related to this type of business is vandalism or theft, but all you need is inexpensive insurance that available for buying in many insurance companies’ offices. But according to statistics businessmen owning an ATM business face to this kind of complications infrequently.

  4. To be on the cutting-edge of high technology era with cryptocurrency ATMs. Everyone knows about cash ATM terminals, we come across and use them in grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants etc. But the most popular and high-demanded direction in the ATM business of the recent years is the running of cryptocurrency terminals. Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin ATM terminals allow a user to exchange cryptocurrencies (for example, bitcoins) and cash within an extremely short timespan (less than a few minutes). Bitcoin ATMs can be purchased from several different Bitcoin ATM companies. And it's very important to compare features and models of those suppliers carefully. We would advise to choose the company-manufacturer of bitcoin ATMs - COVAULT, a Brooklyn-based company with a reliable reputation and a wide range of bitcoin terminals, that has been manufacturing cryptocurrency kiosks and software in the United States for more than a year. All you have to do is to follow this link (, choose the terminal that fits your needs and fill in the application form. After you leave your request, the sales manager will contact you and answer all your questions. COVAULT will help you start running a profitable bitcoin ATM network simple and fast.

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